Cleanroom Testing & Services Sdn. Bhd. (CTSSB) is a fully owned subsidiary of Chemsil (Air & Water) Sdn. Bhd (Chemsil). Prior to its establishment as a specialized cleanroom testing and validation company in year 2008, cleanroom testing, GMP validation and cleanroom consultancy were done by Chemsil. Chemsil was established in year 2000 and is currently one of the industry leaders in analytical testing for food, pharmaceutical and medical industries in Malaysia.


Cleanroom Performance Testing

The quantity and quality of air supplied, the air movement between and within cleanroom, the particle (and where necessary microbiological) counts in the cleanroom should be shown to be correct. These requirements are laid down in the standards such as ISO 14644-1 ‘Classification of air cleanliness’.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Cleanroom Testing & Services Sdn. Bhd. provides indoor air quality testing as well as indoor air quality sampling to its clients. Indoor air quality encompasses temperature and humidity in addition to testing for pollutants.

HEPA Filter Supply

We offer an extensive range of high quality HEPA filters to varies industries. Besides that, we also provide services of fixing and changing of HEPA filters to our customers. HEPA filter leak test can be conducted upon request to validate the filters.